Use these new tools to help integrate EAMS in your practice faster. Many are free of charge.Free on-site EAMS training to any law firm or group of claims adjusters

  The Office Vault EAMS Forms Filing Solution
Fill in, save and print all the new EAMS forms from theOfficeVault website. Fill out a request form and we'll send you a login code.
Applicants' Attorneys
Claims Offices & Defense Attorneys

  The Perfect Filer™
Free Desktop EAMS Foms Solution
Fill (automatically), save, package (with forms together as one package) and print EAMS forms.
Applicants' Attorneys
Claims Offices & Defense Attorneys

  A1-Law: Complete case management system
AND EAMS forms provider.
Applicants' Attorneys
Claims Offices & Defense Attorneys

  EAMS on the DWC website

  Download EAMS forms

  Request printed EAMS Reference Guide.
Applicants' Attorneys
Defense Attorneys

  Request printed EAMS Chart
(body parts, forms names, checklist, and more
in one handy chart)

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The Perfect Filer offers you all
these features in this new application:

  Easy and intuitive to use
  Fill and save EAMS forms with data
  Automatically fill data on the forms from
previously entered data
  Uses the DWC exact EAMS forms to ensure
compatibility with the DWC
  Easy to use SCANNING features for
attachments and other documents
  Organizes your forms and documents by
case folders
  Creates form PACKAGES from templates
to make it easy to see exactly what forms and
documents go where, in what order, and
with what Separator Sheets. This drastically
reduces errors that cause package rejection.
Separator sheet choices are filled in
  Lookup Uniform Names and insert
correct data into the forms
  Lookup Body Part codes and insert correct data into the forms
  Can also fill Microsoft Word forms
  Can import data from Word documents on to EAMS forms
  Network support (multiple shared users)
  Windows XP/Vista only
  Adobe Acrobat or Reader is NOT required - no other software required
  Easy upgrade path to A1-Law full featured case management program
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Solution /
  Requires no software installs other than the FREE Adobe Reader program to use - entirely web based
  Includes all the latest fill-able EAMS forms in PDF
  Organizes all your documents by case and/or folder, not just EAMS forms
  Saves the form and data in the forms - without any add-on programs
  Pushes previously saved data from into new forms - auto-filling, which saves typing time
  Let's you lookup the Uniform Names and insert the correct data into your forms where appropriate
  Selects and fills out Separator Sheets for you based on the form you chose
  Scan and upload attachments like medical reports
  Creates form "Packages", including Cover Sheet and Separator sheets, with everything ready for printing and filing