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Impairment rating for AMA Guides:

The Automatic Impairment Rating is a computer program developed by getMedLegal, Inc. that can be used to rate impairments according to the standards described in the AMA Guides 5th Edition book on impairments.

It includes the use of digital dual-inclinometers to auto- matically send inclinometer readings to the program and calculate the whole person impairment. The program was designed to be very simple to use and includes lots of on-screen pictures and instructions for performing the required steps.

California Permanent Disability: The program also directly converts the Whole Person Impairment rating into California permanent disability weekly payments and totals using the new California PD Schedule with Future Earning Capacity add-on created by the Administrative Director.

Price: The program will be distributed as part of the Program subscription for both Med-Legal and Defense Pro copy services (free to firms that use either Med-Legal or Defense Pro as their copy service) or may be purchased separately for $1,500.

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James Tuthill
Med-Legal Inc
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